Mechelen Closing Media Festival
24 May 2014 - Mechelen

On Saturday the 24th of May, Mechelen will have it's own local media festival at Hanswijkstraat 30/32.

The mediafestival will be a part of H30's annual festival. On Saturday, you will be able to enjoy our RAW cinema, Studio Wolf live shows, live VJ'ing and lots of local talent. There will be lots of fun stuff to see, experience, hear and do!

Saturday Program:

Villa Crossmedia closing conference “European stories about youth & media”
2 April 2014 - Mechelen

The closing conference is organised within the framework of the Youth Media Day, which focuses on the making of media by and for young people. With as guest speakers: Riadh Bahri, Martina Chapman, Curtis Blanc, Prof Michel Walrave & Joris Van Ouytsel and workshops by Mediaraven, CSV Media Clubhouse Ipswich, & MedienKulturhaus (Austria).

Conference programme & registration:
Youth Media Day programme:
Publication “European stories about youth & media” & programme:

Are We Here? Audiovisual festival
29-30 March 2014 - Bruges

Are We Here? is a (multi)medial exploration of the cultural identity of a new generation of artists. Through audiovisual installations, audio city tours, performances, urban interventions and workshops, Are We Here? researches the influences of our social environment - and the numerous media tools around us - on our identity and creativity.

Audience and young, creative talent from Villa Bota and Villa Crossmedia will be invited to actively participate with diverse audio and video projects on the Kraanplein and other locations in the city centre.

Are We Here? is the first closing festival of Villa Crossmedia. With the kind support of House of Seasons.

Festival programme:
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