Media Literacy and youngsters in Flanders and United Kingdom                                                                                                                                  

Thomas More invested in a research report about media literacy and youngsters in Flanders and United Kingdom. All project partners helped in the development of the theoretical framework for media literacy training with youngsters . You can find the report here.      


Digital Storytelling                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Thomas More worked on a theoretical and practical framework for the method of digital storytelling. You find this short guide on digital storytelling on identity and culture here.


Cultural Identity Research

Youth Engagement Manager and Social Worker Tonia Wilson developed this engagement pack after trialling different techniques using media within the VxM project and after observing the approaches made by youth services in Mechelen and Bruges. The booklet looks at the difference methods which can be deployed to successfully engage with young people who may not traditionally work within the confines of media centres, to ensure that all young people can be heard and have a voice within the media. You can find the short guide on digital storytelling and the training packageon identity and culture here.